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Apricot Grove Herbs and Tea CompanyApricot Grove Herbs and Tea Company

After traveling personally to Taiwan to select our teas from the best of the many varieties on offer, we finally narrowed our choice down to three selections.

All three are grown in the central mountain district, known for its vintage tea fields and tea leaves that are prized throughout China for their subtle fragrance and uplifting taste. All three are Formosan mountain Oolong, semi-fermented with individually hand-rolled leaves.

Loose Tea

Each of our teas has a distinctive flavour:

  • one is rather 'buttery';
  • another has a marked 'oak' on the after-taste;
  • the third is reminiscent of mangoes.

If it sounds like wine, that's not surprising -- tea connoisseurs are just as demanding and refined in their taste requirements as their counterparts in the vineyards. And like wine, the tastes subtly change from year to year and crop to crop, even from the same tea-fields, making the enjoyment of tea an ever-varying pleasure.

Our three varieties are:

  • Tsui Yu ChaJade Green Tea
  • Si Ji Chun ChaFour Seasons Spring Tea
  • Jin Hsuan ChaGolden Fragrance Tea
Landscape photography by Yang Cheng-Hsien
自然攝影: 楊政憲    請觀賞楊政憲的部落格